Over the last few years we’ve been working on incorporating the ideas of sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Here’s a little bit about what we’ve been doing:

Environmental Sustainability

In 2019 we introduced re-usable cups behind both the Carnival Arms and the Prosecco and Pimms bars. With the deposit incentive to return the cup, this has had a huge impact on both the waste produced at Swanage Carnival, as well as dramatically reducing single-use plastics that were previously used.

This year there will be a train service running from Wareham to Swanage twice daily, where connections can be made to main network travelling to Weymouth, Poole, Bournemouth, Southampton and even London. We are very lucky to also have the Purbeck Breezer, an incredibly scenic open top bus service, delivering visitors directly from Poole and Bournemouth into Swanage Town centre. If you’re coming from further afield, do consider helping to reduce the number of vehicles travelling into Swanage by using one of these excellent public transport options.

Social Sustainability

The increases to the cost of living have been inescapable in the last few years. Swanage Carnival is dedicated to providing a FREE event for all the family to enjoy. With activities and entertainment for all ages and abilities, Swanage Carnival aims to be inclusive to all, with groups of people coming together in the celebration of this volunteer run community event.

Economic Sustainability

Whilst the increases in running costs have also been inescapable, Swanage Carnival is committed to remaining a free event. For those activities that do cost to enter, prices have remained minimal, with little to no increase in entry fee for several years. Instead, Swanage Carnival has been investing in other ways to increase revenue in order to protect the future of this event, and the support that it gives to local charities and good causes. This has been done through a greater emphasis on sponsorship packages, the introduction of direct advertising and a focus on social platform advertising.


Raising thousands of pounds each year for our chosen charities and good causes

In 2023 Swanage Carnival celebrated another successful year, giving away a staggering £27,650 to 20 selected organisations. The donations were awarded at our annual presentation night and we have been delighted to learn how these hard raised funds have been put to great use in our community.

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